1-Day Notice

Building recognition is time-consuming and challenging, but I know there is an easier way to save your time and assets against the difficulty of marketing your brand with its value.

Hi! I’m Zeki, and I am interested in sharing my expertise in driving your project away from the hardship of “brand optimization” by delivering copies in a factual to logical-persuasive approach.

I helped different NFT Projects to maximize visibility and engagement by building the brand-audience relationship and putting the right words in the right place. One of my proudest achievements was crafting words that brought a huge company to notice the project I was working on, and I want to create a new success with you.

Bringing my goal to connect through shared values, convert from emphasizing worth, and scale up with winning results is highly put into focus.

Without your proper connection to the audience, a reduction in sales happens. This is a critical factor in the development of your project, which you should not be comfortable with. So, if you think I can be relevant to your project’s growth, feel free to contact me. I would be thrilled to contribute to your success!

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