Experienced Community Manager

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Experienced Community Manager

Meet MeeMee👋

A web3 community manager with over 2 years of experience in Web3. I’m a big believer in Web3 and I’m passionate about building and growing online communities with a proven track record of success. I consider myself a very motivated and driven individual with a passion for continuous growth.

In my previous role as a social media manager for an NFT project, I grew the company’s twitter community by 200% over a span of 7days, improved content quality and partnership and increased retention by 30%. I’m a skilled community manager, I have experience in hosting events, creating Community Strategy, fostering communication amongst members, and building solid and healthy communities.

I’m currently building my brand that’s centered on changing the general community narrative. The narrative of building a community focused on a product rather than building a community focused on people and their needs.
As a community caretaker, I believe in creating a safe and welcoming environment where every member’s voice is heard and valued.

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