Full stack Blockchain Developer

1-Day Notice

I am a Full Stack Developer with 7 years of experience and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science . I have a passion for learning and exploring new technologies, especially Blockchain platforms and Web3 applications.

As a Deputy Blockchain Developer, I led a team of developers and worked on NodeJS API and ERC20 smart contract development for a production application. I also supported MongoDB replication for another application.

Previously, I was Senior Blockchain Developer , where I was part of a team to enhance an NodeJS API’s for NFT marketplace on Polygon. I designed the data model, developed the API, and participated in discussions to decide the Polygon API integration.

I kicked off my career journey at a renowned Fintech organization where I worked on enhancing my skills as a Full stack developer and Blockchain Developer. I was part of the core team which designed and developed Distributed Ledger Repo(DLR) from the Inception to production. My tech stack included NodeJS,ReactJS,PostgreSQL,DAML and Docker. I developed complex workflows and NodeJS API’s for DLR and developed a production critical NodeJS micro service. I also developed a reporting tool using ReactJS, NodeJS and PostgresSQL.

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