Full Stack Blockchain developer

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Hi, here is a senior blockchain developer with 7+ years of experience in developing smart contracts using Solidity, Rust and Clarity. I have experience working with real-world blockchain applications, such as inscribing ordinals on the Bitcoin network. I am also familiar with a variety of NodeJS frameworks, such as React, Next.js, Express.js, and Next.js. I use web3js and wagmi to integrate frontend and smart contracts.

-Smart contract development (Solidity, Rust, Clarity)
-Blockchain development (EVM, Bitcoin, Stacks)
-NodeJS frameworks (React, Nextjs, Expressjs, Nestjs)
-Frontend/backend Web3 integration (web3js, wagmi, stacksjs)
-Wallet Connect (metamask, xverse, ordinalsafe, unisats wallets)

Please DM if you are looking for new developer on your side.

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