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7-Day Notice

Web3 business strategist and advisor with 15+ years in govt and 10+ years of experience launching new projects & initiatives in Web2.

Leveraging my expertise in strategy development, project management, and culture change, I provide services that empower others, including 10+ founders, to build their strategy and business acumen to develop their unique selling point or value proposition, from conceptualization to implementation, for their brand, project or initiative.

Web3 Accomplishments:
– 10+ founders/core team members supported
– 5+ teams as strategist or strategic advisor
– 20+ strategic documents (e.g. roadmaps, whitepapers, guidelines, etc.) produced or reviewed

Web2 Accomplishments:
– 2 professional certifications
– 15+ new projects and initiatives
– 5 agency-wide initiatives led
– 2 agency-wide networks co-founded
– 4 projects over $1M developed and launched
– 15+ colleagues mentored with 25+ matched with other mentors
– 20+ employees managed and inspired
– 3 hackathon participations

Strategy Building and Advisory Services:
– Developing strategic direction and planning (e.g., vision, mandate, long-term objectives)
– Roadmap optimization (e.g., key milestones, priorities, and action steps)
– Communication and engagement strategy enhancement (e.g., effective communication strategies with stakeholders, investors, and partners)
– Performance measurement strategy (e.g., determining tracking of outcomes)
– Organizational culture change strategy (e.g., communications, people management, project management)
– Operations management strategy (e.g., systems and processes to build capacity and sustainability in day-to-day activities)
– People and stakeholder management (e.g., your team, your community, your stakeholders beyond just communications)



Having a strategic advisor of exceptional caliber is not just an asset, it’s a necessity. Wonderlust has proven to be exactly that for Everbuild – an indispensable asset.

Her contributions to Everbuild have been nothing short of transformative. She is a strategic powerhouse, and above all, a valued member of our team.


Wonder’s strategic consultation for Everbuild & our team has significantly improved our communication strategies & positively impacted the alignment of our core goals.

She is the consummate professional with an incredible eye for detail providing consistently comprehensive overviews & advice for core strategies.

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