Strategy Review, Business Model Advice or Growth Tactic Research

7-Day Notice

Let’s connect and chat if interested. I’m fairly flexible on pricing as just looking for experience to work and advise on Web3 projects as my objective right now. Areas I can add value right now:
– I get pitched to a lot from Martech start ups in my current role, so can be a good review and feedback sounding board on your pitch decks.
– I’ve developed and taken to market a lot of B2B products and services, I can advise on business model and proposition development.
– I firmly believe in user-centric and design thinking, last year I travelled the world researching business growth tool needs and currently working on a questing research piece with Web3 growth leaders in Safary Community. I am happy to help conduct some interviews and present back learnings around a key topic to your model (This would obviously be more time involved so would need to discuss commitment and incentive for this).
– I have a lot of experience selling B2B products and marketing them within ecosystems, I can support on your GTM tactics and offer potential networks across Web3 and Web2 (specifically brands)

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