Technical Program Manager

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With five years of technical program management experience and a strong agile background, I was well-prepared to drive the success of complex projects at the forefront of technology.

I was previously occupying the same position at Fission, where I managed multiple deep-tech, open-source Web3 projects in a startup environment and led the development of an SDK built on top of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). This aimed to simplify decentralized app development by providing solutions for identity, data management, and compute within web browsers using Wasm, Rust, and Javascript.

Additionally, I oversaw the coordination of dependencies with external projects from the Protocol Labs Network ecosystem, of which Fission was a member.
The team of 25 people at Fission is fully remote and globally distributed. To enable effective project management and collaboration, I have established agile processes that include rituals such as sprint plannings and retrospectives.

I am proficient in developing roadmaps, scopes, taking preventive actions to be able to deliver on time, and sustaining a good cross-discipline communication.
I worked in sync with all the company departments to integrate user research, market analysis, and customer feedback into our product requirements and planned accordingly.

Ensuring the maintenance and optimization of production tools (Jira, Confluence, Notion, etc) was part of my role, to keep their content up to date and adapt their shape to the needs of the production.
Thanks to my experience, I can challenge developers on their work and be critical of their choices. It also allows me to understand project risks and issues and be able to foresee roadblocks.

I thrive on optimizing, structuring, and improving workflows, and I understand the crucial elements that foster high-performing team cultures. My experience enables me to view projects from multiple angles and collaborate with diverse engineering teams concurrently.

Detail oriented and a team player, I can easily adapt to new situations. I like to be proactive and am good at managing multiple tasks.
I am a native French speaker and speak English fluently.
I also feel worth mentioning that I received advanced Agile training through corporate classes on top of graduating from an MBA about agile production management in software development. ²

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