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Safe (prev Gnosis safe):

Safe website

Coingecko Article

Github formal report


When a Hiring party sends funds into our wallet, mycryptocheckout monitors the blockchain for that transaction & confirms the order once it has been successfully verified. This usually takes anywhere from 5-15 mins.


Upon receiving the funds, an automated mail goes out to the concerned freelancer with details of the order.

Upon completion & delivery of the service, the freelancer can request a payout to a wallet of their choice.

The transaction is processed & the freelancer gets an automated email alerting them of it’s status.


Our escrow system goes through checks & balances to safeguard your funds, no one person approves a transaction & we will be increasing the number of signatories it takes to execute a transaction in the future (Currently 2/3), any change to this threshold will be communicated.

Safe is trusted by institutions the world over & we’re convinced this is the best system for us at this time, especially with the associated risks single key wallets & custom contracts come with.

Thank you for being a part of Everbuild.

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