Mason-Operations manager for everbuild



Everbuild Operations Manager


2+ years helping brands better position themselves & reach their target audience, circa 1+ years in web3 managing operations and approx. 5 years in web2 managing civil engineering projects,7+ years managing & moderating communities.

Skills: Operations management, Digital marketing, Business Operations, Strategic Planning, Policy creation & implementation, Graphics design(basic), Squarespace and WordPress development, frontend development, social media management incl. content creation.

More about me:

I'm a geek essentially (lol), your perfect day might involve going to the beach but I'd much rather stay in and listen to a Stephen hawking lecture, learn about ancient cultures, rewatch WW1 & 2 documentaries or just sit down and think about my fav dwarf planet Sedna, and how she's wayyyy out there (940 AU at aphelion!)

No seriously, I could go on. If you ever want to chat, please reach me on my twitter :)

  • Nigeria

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