Step aside, traditional job market! The web3 universe is here, bursting forth with countless opportunities. And, guess what? You don’t have to be a seasoned pro to dive into work in crypto or blockchain. Welcome to the realm of web3 internships—a golden ticket for both job seekers and freelancers, to not just learn but lead in the world of Web3.

Web3 internships

Why Web3 Internships Are All the Rage

  • Real-world Learning: Forget mundane coffee runs or repetitive tasks. Blockchain internships are about hands-on learning. Dive deep into real projects, grasp the nuances of decentralized platforms, and see your contributions come to life in real-time.
  • Career Kickstart: In a world buzzing about blockchain, having firsthand experience gives you a standout edge. It’s not just about the skills but the stories you can tell in your interviews.
  • Networking Galore: Mix with the mavens of the industry. Attend webinars, join discussions, and rub shoulders with those reshaping the digital landscape.

Web3 Internships vs. Voluntary Positions

Internships, often aimed at students or recent grads, offer hands-on experience in specific fields. Lasting anywhere from weeks to months, they provide structured training, with some offering compensation, though not always. Internships focus on real-world skills and can open doors to future job opportunities. So learn to make the most out of any internship you secure and make sure it aligns with your career objectives.

Voluntary positions, on the other hand, arise from a passion to support a cause or organization. While there can be learning involved, the emphasis is on contribution rather than structured professional growth. The commitment varies, from one-time events to ongoing roles. Unlike internships, most voluntary positions don’t provide financial compensation, though some perks might be given. While both can enhance a resume, internships typically align more directly with career paths.

The Freelancer’s Edge in the Web3 Internship Scene

Freelancers, this is your time to shine. Your flexible schedules, diverse skill sets, and ability to adapt are what blockchain ventures crave. You’re not bound by the 9-to-5 grind, making you the ideal fit for a realm that’s always evolving. Internships are a great avenue for upskilling.

  • Diverse Opportunities: Whether you’re a developer, designer, writer, or marketer, Web3 needs you. Blockchain projects aren’t just about codes; they’re about stories, designs, and outreach. Find the right balance of technical vs. non-technical web3 opportunities.
  • Project-Based Learning: As a freelancer, you can hop from one project to another, giving you a panoramic view of the industry. Each stint is a new learning chapter and will help you land your next web3 job.

How to Snag That Coveted Internship

  • Stay curious: Immerse yourself in blockchain and crypto news. Join forums, attend virtual meet-ups, and be a sponge for knowledge.
  • Showcase your skills: Craft a compelling portfolio, even if it’s just personal projects. Blockchain ventures love go-getters. If you’ve dabbled in a personal crypto project or written articles about the blockchain realm, flaunt it! 
  • Connect and converse: Reach out to blockchain professionals on platforms like LinkedIn. Engage in meaningful conversations, not just template messages. Genuine interest goes a long way.
  • Apply widely but wisely: Cast a wide net, but ensure each application is tailored. Generic cover letters are passé. Dive deep into the company’s vision, and show them you’re not just looking for any internship, but their internship. As a first step, learn how to ace your Everbuild application.

Pitfalls to Watch Out For

However, like any booming field, there are pitfalls in the blockchain internship scene. The key is understanding leadership and how it impacts your career development.

  • Over-promising roles: Some ventures might exaggerate roles to attract talent. Ensure the internship offers real learning, not just token tasks.
  • Unpaid stints: While gaining experience is crucial, value your time. Aim for internships that compensate, even if it’s in tokens or future job promises.
  • The hype train: Blockchain is exciting, but don’t get swayed by buzzwords alone. Research the company’s credibility, past projects, and standing in the community. Remember, you’re here to land a web3 job. 


Web3 internships are more than just a resume boost. They’re a passport to the next big thing in the digital landscape. For job seekers and freelancers alike, they offer a rare blend of learning, networking, and growth.

So, gear up, dive in, and let the world of Web3 shape your professional journey. The blockchain and crypto realm isn’t waiting for the future; it’s crafting it now. And with an internship, you can be a part of this grand narrative.


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